Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My new favorite store and forever21

While I was in my hometown visiting my mom and my boyfriend's family my mom took me shopping at Ricki's, now I went in expecting to find nothing in my size. I had assumed since the store is connected to Bootlegger that they would be the same size-wise (and at Bootlegger their clothing is made rather small, and their jeans certainly don't go up to the size I need). Boy was I wrong. I ended up leaving with quite a few items (which unfortunately are no longer on the website so I can't show you at the moment) including two pairs of pants. I was pleased, especially with having gotten a pair of jeans that actually fit! Ricki's goes up to a size 18 in pants, and their jeans are quite stretchy, so yay! I've spent the last few months searching for jeans (or well, any pants that aren't yoga pants.) As a bonus the entire store was 50% off the lowest ticketed price, so my jeans ended up being $20 down from the original price of $70. I got a couple of tops for $10 - 15 each, and a pair of dress pants for $20.

So I've gone to their website and found a few things I just love! I wish I had the money to go shopping again, but at least I know where to find pants!
Asymmetrical Zip Jacket ($49.99 sale, $89.50 reg,

I love Asymmetrical jackets, a bit of a biker style. I also really love the colour of this jacket, though it does also come in black.
Cap sleeve Lace Blouse ($19.99 sale, $45.50 reg,

I really love lace, also I think this would be pretty awesome with that jacket.

Velvet Flocked Corset Top ($29.99 sale, $39.50 reg,

I have a thing for anything resembling a corset. So even though this isn't a real corset, the hook and eye detailing is something that really draws me in. That colour blue is also gorgeous with the black floral details the contrast is very nice.

I'm also a fan of Forever21's plus sized options, they don't seem to assume that just because someone is a bit bigger that they dress like an old cat lady which is really nice for a change. Their prices are also very reasonable, which is also rare for plus sized clothing.

Abstract Floral Dress ($27.80,

I love that this has a bit of a kimono look. I have a kimono style dress in my closet that I haven't worn for awhile because it simply doesn't fit anymore (I don't want to get rid of it though, I love it too much). and I like the pattern and colour of this dress and the fact that it looks like it would be stretchy.

Studded Leatherette Mini Skirt ($23.80,

I really want a leather skirt (even if it is fake leather), I don't know why. I like the detailing on this skirt, the studs add a bit more edge to it and the zipper is in an interesting place.

Combat Boots ($47.80,

I've been looking for winter boots, yet I hate winter boots. Loathe actually. But I'm also tired of my feet getting soaked in my runners or flats (Vancouver winters! *grumble*). I love these, I've wanted a pair since I saw a similar pair on Amanda Palmer, my current musical obsession. haha I'm a big nerd aren't I? Also, I have big calves, and I don't know what's up with shoe designers making the calves of boots tiny with no zipper...when the heck did this trend start?

I'd also like to mention that forever21 has some pretty and inexpensive jewelry and hair accessories I've gotten a couple pairs of earrings and a ring, I really like all of them. They were all under $7 as well.

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