Thursday, November 25, 2010

My steampunk wishlist

I'm really loving the whole steampunk look lately. I think it's something that could be integrated into and everyday wardrobe without looking too much like you're in a costume, it's all about picking which pieces to incorporate into your regular wardrobe. An steampunk inspired belt or jacket with jeans can look very nice, and adding an interesting hair clip or jewelry piece can add interest to an outfit without being too over the top if worn the right way.

Octoclip ($40,
Black Urban Victorian Jacket ($200,
Custom Black & White Steampants ($90,
Shawna Hofmann Victorian Jacket ($160,

Bella Rain Umbrella ($96,

Skin Graft Garter Belt ($240,

Friday, November 5, 2010

Coats, Jackets and Outerwear oh my!

I was inspired by my sister site's (kassinovacouture) recent posts featuring peacoats and military inspired jackets, I decided to expand this post to outwear and jackets in general as the weather is starting to get cooler now.

Sexy knit boyfriend jacket ($119,

[I'm currently loving this style of jacket, it's easy to wear and can be professional while still being feminine and sexy.]
Devoted to this Coat ($84.99,
Fort Night Coat ($197.99,

Houndstooth of the Baskervilles Coat ($161.99,

Just a Glance Coat ($107.99,

Kate equestrian jacket ($98,