Monday, January 17, 2011


I can't say that I've personally ordered from, but I do love the clothing on their website (and in the one store I've been in). Torrid carries cute plus sized clothing, which is pretty rare, as the fashion industry seems to think if you're over a certain size you dress in plain tent-like mumu's or something. Anyway, here are a few selections that I'm really liking right now. One of these years I'll actually have the money to buy something from them, shipping's a bit much for me, as is the case for many stores based in the US.

Nickel Buck Rhinestone Necklace ($14)

I have a thing for antlers on jewelry lately. I don't know what's up with that,
but I think this is a sleek take on the natural shape of an antler.

Red & Black Lace Shaping Slip ($38)

I will eventually own something like this, I keep seeing
this lace and solid black design and I love it every time.

Iron Fist Sinking Ships Bag ($42.00)

I love nautical themed items and this just feeds that love.
It's not too blatant about it either, besides the anchor.

Black & White Polka Dot Ruched Tube Dress ($58)

I have a thing for polka dots. I also really love the wrapped look of this.

Heart Print Challis Tube Top ($38.00)

It looks like a corset top to me, I'm a little addicted to corset tops.
Plus this one has the adorable little white heart print all over it.

Black Lace& Satin Pearl Trim top ($38.00)

I love lace, and I think adding the pearl trim makes this top look more
dressed up. I like the detail of the bow and the jewel under the bust.

White & Black Elbow Sleeve Top ($34.00)

I like the crochet on the sleeve, gives the top a little
bit of an edge while still staying soft.

Red Ruffle Halter Top ($13.99)

I like the shape of this top, and the colour. The ruching would be
good for hiding lumps and bumps. All in all a nice summery top.


  1. I have a really cute tank top from torrid that is made out of light pink chiffon with sparkles all over. I love their clothes. Excellent post! I also really love that their clothes are sexy and tough, and not the 'dowdy soccer mom clothes' that most plus size outfits are modelled after.

  2. I LOVEEE the red top! And I love the necklace!