Friday, December 11, 2009

Katesclothing and thevintagedoctor

I thought maybe I should start actually writing things in this blog, instead of just posting pretty pictures. No guarantees that this will be a continuing trend though. Just giving you fair warning. Anyway, I was browsing around online and I found two awesome online clothing stores, and

Rainbow Brite & Stars Corset ($275.00,
Love love love this. It reminds me of a bed set I had when I was little.

Invader Zim I Love Candy! Corset ($275.00,
It's GIR!

Batman Vintage Logo Dress ($185.00,
I really wish I had the guts to wear something like this around everyday, it's beyond awesome.

Iron Fist Torn Skull Bootie(£56.99,
I'm really wanting a pair of ankle boots and these are awesome sauce!

Necessary Evil Gothic Minerva Skirt ( £39.14,
Sexy corsetted skirt, need I say more?

Feronia Butterfly 50s Dress (£25.99,
I desperately want this dress. It's not even super expensive, well compared to other dresses similar.


    Speshully the Rainbow Brite and Zim corsets, the skull booties and the minerva skirt.