Monday, August 10, 2009


BDG Below The Knee Ponte Pencil Skirt ($48,

Drapey Embroidered Tunic ($38,

J. Aldridge by Sea of Shoes Laced Boot ($158.00,

pleated houndstooth Victoria coat ($82,
The Perfect Pencil Dress in Klimt ($49.99 ,
Stop Traffic Cardigan ($67.99,


  1. Not fond of that particular pencil skirt. I'm sure it has added functionality because it stretches, but the way they displayed it, I found it unflattering on her figure.

    However, the Drapey Embroidered Tunic has great lines, and a very flattering accent on the back, and hides the waist (if that is a goal) without making her look frumpy. I love the laced boots, especially because they're open-toed (which is rare for a laced boot), and I love the cut of the pleated Victoria coat, though I've never been particularly fond of the houndstooth pattern.

  2. Yeah, I have a thing for high waisted pencil skirts. It's like an addiction. :P Honestly, I think it would be better in black.