Sunday, May 10, 2009


wheels and dollbaby lace-up print cami (£22.50@

Wheels and Dollbaby keyhole cardi (£46.49

Christian Louboutin Love Pumps ($695.00,


  1. Oh wow. I love that Cami and very much want one. I am strangely distracted by the obvious nipples on that mannequin. Why are such things NECESSARY these days?! Is that supposed to add a little something? I remain confused.

    As for the cardi, I strangely love the bow on her head more than the top. Am I strange?

    Very cool shoes. I can't deny it. From this angle, they look more like flats, to me. If the toes were peep-toed, square, or very pointed, I might take more of an interest. I like retro pumps and stilletos.

  2. Yeah, I totally don't get the whole "nipples on mannequins" thing either. Maybe it's supposed to be "realistic" ? I have no idea.

    The bow is pretty awesome, I have to agree.